World class Audio applications and plug-ins.

    Innovative Audio Solutions

    Our goal is to introduce new ideas for audio and music production in order to achieve the highest imaginable quality standards.

    High Quality Plug-ins

    On Sound Go! offers you ultra-high quality professional audio software: VST plugins and AU plugins (AudioUnits) for Windows and Mac OS X computers.


    You can use our audio plugins with Steinberg, Cakewalk Sonar, Logic Pro, Ableton Live, Cockos Reaper, and other software with AU plugin and VST  plugin support.


    Our OnSoundGo OnTime plug-in is capable of finding similarities and time differences between two signals in real-time. In other words, if these signals  are delayed, it tells you exactly by how much with sample precision. Similarities that appear at different points in  time can be due to sound propagation like when mixing various sources picked up with more than one microphone. Without compensation  this situation will produce undesirable comb-filter effects. The  information that OnSoundGo OnTime provides you with will help you produce mixes that meet the maximum level of excellence in sound quality. Read More Download

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